Celebrate with Jessie

event consulting & project coordination

When two people come together, they create something that has never existed before. A wedding is the vehicle that enables this spark to first enter the atmosphere. Surrounded by family and friends, your spark should infuse everything your guests see, touch, smell, and hear throughout this magical day. Celebrate with Jessie aims to make your wedding a reflection of each of you - both as individuals and as a newly married couple.

Jessie provides event planning and consultation for every aspect of your event, including venue selection, creative decor, liaising with vendors, and day-of coordination. These services will weave each family's values, religion, and culture into your event, highlighted in each element of the production. This will make your event meaningful, memorable, and magical.

Jessie will guide you in efficient communication between you and your families, setting and achieving goals, weighing costs and benefits, liaising with and selecting vendors, implementing a feasible timeline, and executing a theme throughout all design elements from invitations to room decor. Jessie's overall goal is to create an event that reflects you in every way.